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Tricia Spencer

Note:  Because it's not technically very functional, I have not used this blog for years.  I have, however, included a few archived blog posts on this page for anyone who may have a desire to revisit one.

As of August 28, 2020 I have begun using the blog on my new foreverdogs.net website.
Up and Running!
by Tricia Spencer on 02/06/12

This is my first blog greeting from 4 years ago:

Good morning and happy April 28th, 2008!

Today is the launch of my new website, triciaspencer.net, and I'm so happy to be able to share a piece of my world with the world at large. The site is a work in progress and there will be much more to come, but today the basics have arrived. The website is about my life as an author, but this blog will not focus only on my writing pursuits. I will also share my feelings on issues that matter to me in life. That's the joy of a blog--you get to stand on your virtual soapbox and sing out about whatever your heart leads you to share.  

So I bid you welcome, and I thank you for stopping by. I hope we cross paths often.
Thank you so much for stopping by to share a moment or two with me. And your comments are always welcome. Feel free to share!  

The Art of Waiting
by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

Waiting is joyless, yet we do it again and again, day after day. What would life be like if we didn't have to wait? Just how many precious moments and finite heartbeats are lost just waiting for something not yet here or not yet happening?

It doesn't matter whether we're waiting for something spectacular or something dreaded, the wait can be just as excruciating. If we're waiting for something fantastic, we wish our lives away trying to make it get here faster. If we are waiting for something unpleasant, we brood about it so much, that the next thing we know, we are smack dab up against the "awful", wondering where the time went.

I've tried to beat waiting at its own game. I vowed to turn every moment of waiting into a moment of learning something new. It didn't work. My brain revolted against all the trivial "stuff" that I tried to jam into it. Then I tried to psyche myself out by reversing the process..."No! Don't send my lottery winnings so fast!"..."Hurry, colonoscopy, hurry!" It didn't work. I couldn't fool that pit of "waiting" in my stomach the least little bit.  

And finally, I tried to pawn off the waiting onto someone else..."I, uh, lost all my calendars and my watch is broken, so you'll have to tell me when I need to do "this" or need to be "there". That didn't work either.  It turns out that everyone else is saddled with their own miserable waiting and aren't the least bit interested in managing mine. Bummer.

So, I have to ask. If good things really do come to those who wait, then shouldn't we all be bursting with goodness by now? Yes, it's an odd creature, this thing known as waiting. If only someone could come up with a way to beat "the wait" I'm sure we'd all fork over our last plug nickel to learn the secret. I know there must be an art to waiting, and when it's finally discovered, I just hope it will have been, well. . .worth the wait.

Hummingbirds in the Spring
by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

It occurs to me as I fill the hummingbird feeder that doing so is a blessing. Sure, these little guys are hungry. Spring is the time for babies, and they need all the sustenance they can get. But their heightened activity is an absolute joy to share. Sometimes after I've hung the feeder, I stand beneath it as they hustle in to feed. It only takes a few moments for them to become comfortable with my silent stance under their sugar water buffet, and I'm so close I can see their bellies and their tiny feet and hear the whirring of their lightening quick wings. I find it uplifting.  

I may be the one providing food, but it is the very existence 
of these little joys of life that feeds my spirit.

​Hummingbirds in the spring inspire a ready smile. It's a gift.
LIE TO ME - A Fun Romance Read!
by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

I found the debut novel of author, Starr Ambrose, to be a quick and thoroughly entertaining read. It's high on my recommendation list for anyone who loves fast-paced, romantic suspense.

I wrote a review of the book which you may read in my Life and Living section. Just click on the Life and Living tab and check it out!  

Michael Jackson and Me
by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

As the world mourned the loss of Michael Jackson just a few years ago, I couldn’t help but reflect upon the brief moments in time when my world and Michael's crossed paths. His music was always a part of my life, but I had the extreme good fortune of experiencing three special and personal "Michael" moments. Oh, these weren’t sit-down conversations, hugs, or even handshakes. They were just three fleeting instances of sharing a common circumstance. But they were awesome to me.

The first time I saw Michael in person was on December 8, 1984. It was the final show of Michael’s VICTORY tour at Dodger Stadium, and it was my birthday. I had the flu. I felt beyond miserable. I didn’t even know if I could push myself to go, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see Michael perform live. We had great center seats just a few rows from the stage. He was so close. My friend made a cardboard sign that said “Hi Michael! It’s my birthday!” She hung it around my neck. It cracked my husband up, but I was too miserable to even care how dorky I looked. 

Michael saw the sign and blew me a kiss. At least I’m told he did. I was so sick that I had my face buried in tissues most of the time. And yet, even as my legs wobbled beneath me, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my birthday any other way. There was an electricity at a Michael Jackson concert that couldn’t be recreated by any other means. It’s exhilarating, and I’m quite certain that it knocked the flu right out of me. The next day, I inexplicably felt so much better!

The next encounter came a year or so later. My husband and I owned and operated a limousine service, and we often donated rides to the Make a Wish foundation. On one such occasion, our mission was to transport a terminally ill little boy whose greatest wish was to meet Michael. I didn’t go along, but my husband drove the limo for this event. We sent our grandest limousine and took the little boy and his family to a sound stage where Michael was filming a video. He must have been a most generous soul with the child, for my husband said the little boy couldn’t stop chattering on the long ride home, and he was so proud of the tons of gifts Michael had given him. 

My husband didn’t go inside, for he didn’t want to intrude. But he was invited. Michael’s people were very kind. The boy’s parents told my husband that Michael was a true gentleman and never once tried to hurry things along. He gave the boy his undivided attention, even when it meant delaying the video shoot.

The final time Michael drifted in and out of my life was about five years later. I was in Atlantic City setting up a trade show booth for my bridal accessories business. I heard a commotion and looked up to see Michael and Donald Trump standing there on a balcony just above me. Michael seemed to just be checking things out. I waved, and he immediately waved back. Then I laughed and shouted up to him, “Michael, I was at your final VICTORY tour show, but I was so sick that night. Would you do the performance over for me?” He smiled and said, “I would! I would!” He was so genuine. The man always had time to share a word with his fans.

This was the limo my husband drove for the little boy's Michael Jackson Make A Wish day.

I think Michael’s heart was truly as big as the great outdoors. He wasn’t perfect, but who can lay claim to perfection? No matter what personal opinion of him one may have, his extraordinary talent and influence in the musical world cannot be denied. His legacy will live on forever, just as he will forever live in the hearts of so many, including mine, and one little boy who was granted his dream wish.

Digger Dog and Legg-Calves Perthes Disease
by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

Utilizing only holistic treatments, my dog, Digger, beat Legg-Calves Perthes disease, and my article about Digger's amazing journey appears in the April/May, 2010 issue of Animal Wellness Magazine.

Legg-Calves Perthes can be devastating to the dog as well as to those 
who love him or her. Unfortunately, the "cures" inspired by conventional 
medicine can be as horrible as the disease itself. Watching Digger heal 
and become a normal four-legged dog again was a great joy, and I 
hope others who read his story understand that, above all else, 
there are choices. 

The Touch of Roy and Dale
by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

Throughout my life I've known Roy Rogers and Dale Evans from my own perspective. After all, I was born in the 50s and grew up on horses. Roy and Dale were huge in my world. But today, decades later, it's as if I'm being personally introduced to them all over again, by thousands of members of their family. For that's what Roy and Dale's fans are--family.

                                                                    Producing the book, The Touch of Roy and Dale, has been one of the most                                                                     profound experiences I've ever enjoyed, and getting to know Roy and Dale's                                                                     fans has been a gift I will always cherish. I'm humbled and grateful for the                                                                     opportunity to bring the words of those fans, plus incredible photos, art, poetry,                                                                     songs, and custom treats, to all the world with this book. What an experience                                                                     this has been!

                                                                    I'm confident that Roy and Dale, in spite of having departed our earth, will                                                                     somehow feel the true love their fans have poured from their hearts.

                                                                    I will surely produce more books in my lifetime, but I may never produce                                                                     another one that is such a labor of love.

                                                                    THANK YOU to all the fans who shared their stories and their sentiments. This                                                                     book is about the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West, but it is                                                                     also all about you!  

Little Miracles
by Tricia Spencer on 02/27/12

Miracles surely do seem to come in all sizes, yet sometimes they may be so small that we fail to recognize them. I've come to believe that opening ourselves to an awareness of the littlest miracles not only enriches our lives but paves the way to bigger miracles.  

For example, we used to have a beautiful white Hemmingway cat named Dancer. After she passed away several years ago, I bought a plant in her honor. It was supposed to flower annually with tropical pink flowers, but though the plant grew rich with leaves every year, it never bloomed. That changed one special day in August of 2007. My husband and I had spent the day away to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and when we returned home that night, there they were - three of the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen.  They stretched from their nest of green leaves as if to say, "Hey!  Dancer wants to wish you a happy anniversary!"

Their beauty and their timing brought tears to my eyes. 
After years of refusing to bloom, my "Dancer" plant chose 
our Silver Anniversary to unfurl in magnificent style. 
It was amazing.  

As I reflect, I realize that there have been many little 
miracles in my life. The key, I imagine, is to embrace them 
and to allow their existence to fill us with joy. I do believe in miracles, 
big and small, and perhaps sharing our miracles with others 
is a little miracle all its own.

Now, my Dancer plant blooms every year, and every year I am reminded of how she touched our lives with her loving demeanor and how the plant growing in her honor brought tears to my eyes on our special 25th.

...Very Much Recommended
by Tricia Spencer on 03/13/12

That's the conclusion of Midwest Book Review after reading The Touch of Roy and Dale. To read the review, click on "Books and Shorts" and scroll to The Touch of Roy and Dale.

The review also appears on the Midwest Book Review web site, in its March 2012 edition of Small Press Bookwatch, under "The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf."

Thank you for the honor, Midwest Book Review!

Book Signing at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival at 
Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio
by Tricia Spencer on 04/07/12

If you're in the southern California area, and are looking for a day of good, old-fashioned, western fun, check out the 2012 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival!

There are several entertaining events held throughout Santa Clarita during the week before the festival's big finish, which is a two-day celebration at the famous Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio. The many on-site events held at the ranch on those two days combine to create a spirited cowboy celebration filled with loads of entertainment, food and rousing fun. The Melody Ranch festival dates are Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22.  

Visit cowboyfestival.org to learn all the wonderful details.

I'll be there on Saturday to sign my book, The Touch of Roy and Dale, at the Buckaroo Book Shop, presented by OutWest Boutique and Cultural Center. I will also participate in a panel discussion entitled, "He Was Singin' A Song: The Legacy of the Singing Cowboy." On the panel, I will be joining Cheryl Rogers-Barnett (Roy and Dale's daughter), Julie Pomilia (their granddaughter), and singer-songwriters John Bergstrom and Larry Kenneth Potts. It's going to be fun! The panel discussion is from noon to 1:00 pm, and I will be signing books before and after.

There's nothing like a stroll down the dusty western streets of an old movie set to fire the imagination and chase your cares away. Everyone should try it!

Hope to see you there!

1001 Wedding Ideas: The Ultimate Resource for Creating a Wedding No One Will Ever Forget is Available!
by Tricia Spencer on 10/24/12

1001 Wedding Ideas: The Ultimate Resource for Creating a Wedding No One Will Ever Forget is available now. Online booksellers are shipping, and bookstores are stocking it on the shelves.  

It's a massive, 544-page book, but it's an easy, read-it-when-the-mood-strikes kind of experience, and I do so hope you enjoy it!

Tricia Spencer on Huffington Post
by Tricia Spencer on 11/01/12

My first HuffPost blog piece, The Magically Artful Wedding, is live today on Huffington Post Weddings. It's about a wedding decorating tip you may, or may not, have considered. I hope you find it enjoyable, and I hope it inspires a dash of "wedding decor" imagination!  

The Touch of Roy and Dale wins USA Book News Finalist Award
by Tricia Spencer on 11/20/12

Fun News for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans fans...

The Touch of Roy and Dale has won a 2012 Finalist Award from USA Book News in the "General Biography" category.

So, thank you, again, to the Roy and Dale fans who helped make this book so special!

Remembering Jonathan Winters and Our Encounter
by Tricia Spencer on 04/12/13

It is with sadness that today we learn of the passing of the great Jonathan Winters. He was one of the naturally funniest people to ever grace the planet, and we, his fans, are better for having been the recipients of his amazing work in the entertainment industry.

My husband and I have always been huge admirers of Mr. Winters, always making sure to check out anything he was involved in. And we even had the opportunity to meet him...sort of.

It was in the 1980s, a time when my husband and I owned and operated our unique fleet of limousines. We had been asked to provide limousine service for a ChildHelp event at the home of Milton Bradley in Montecito, CA. Jane Seymour (who I met when working on the miniseries, The Awakening Land), was Childhelp's national spokesperson at the time, and she invited my husband and I to attend the festivities.  

Well, we aren't exactly "Hollywood types" so it was mighty overwhelming to say the least. The staggering number of celebrities just milling around on the gorgeous grounds where the luncheon and events were taking place, made our heads spin. But not wanting to offend, we didn't try to engage anyone. We also didn't take a camera for fear of looking out of place. Alas, almost all of the attendees, including the celebrities, had cameras and were snapping away.  

We found ourselves standing on a grassy hill just "star-gazing", taking it all in, when out of the blue, Jonathan Winters, resplendent in his military-style afternoon attire, walked right up to us. He stood just before us, hands behind his back, slightly rocked back on his heels, and said, "What do you think they're serving for lunch?"  

It was such a simple question, but gremlins had apparently stolen our ability to speak, for both my husband and I just stood there, mute. We didn't utter a word. We were completely, utterly, stupidly, star-struck. After an awkward moment of silence, Mr. Winters said, "O...kay", turned, and wandered off. How embarrassing. Yet it was one of our most memorable moments. Jonathan Winters, the JONATHAN WINTERS, had walked up to us to begin a conversation. Too bad we couldn't participate. Oh my. What dolts we were.

Mr. Winters was an extraordinary comedian and a very fine human, and his larger-than-life presence will be missed. But for my husband and I, we'll always have that certain, one-sided conversation to hold dear to our hearts. We can only hope that we returned the favor and that our wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights, silent greeting that day gave the funny man a little something to laugh about.

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