Worst Week - Sitcom Review

Will CBS Do the Right Thing and Order Season Two?
         Sitcoms come and go, but it's rare to find a TV show that is consistently fall-off-the-chair funny. Worst Week is that sitcom.

Kyle Bornheimer Leads a Perfect Cast in Worst Week
          In the vein of SeinfeldFriends, and Two and a Half Men, the cast for Worst Week was brilliantly assembled. Kyle Bornheimer plays Sam Briggs, a magazine editor trying hard to please his in-laws. Bornheimer's portrayal of Sam is blessed with spot-on physical comedic timing and a vulnerability that compels viewers to root for him.

          Nancy Lenehan and Kurtwood Smith (popularly remembered as the irascible dad on That 70's Show) are priceless as the in-laws who repeatedly foil Sam overtures. Rounding out the primary cast is Erinn Hayes. She plays the love of Sam life and is the ideal straight man for this always-on-a-collision-course clan.

CBS Risks Losing a Gem by Failing to Nurture and Promote

          Seinfeld is known as a sitcom juggernaut, yet it wasn't until its fourth 
season that it generated a sizable audience or cracked the top thirty in the 
Nielsen ratings.
          Today, networks are reluctant to nurture shows in this manner, and 
without network backing, promising programs may not have enough time 
to find an audience before the plug is pulled. This is the fate Worst Week 
is in danger of suffering if CBS does not choose to cultivate this hilarious 
piece of work.

          A summertime consecutive airing of the first season, followed by a 
second season premier may be the answer to broadening the viewer base. 
Millions have yet to discover Worst Week, but those who have are filling 
message boards with their admiration.

Matt Tarses and Worst Week Deserve Support
          Worst Week executive producer and writer, Matt Tarses, created a solid first season for this sitcom, and fans believe he deserves the opportunity to grow Worst Week into a ratings winner.
          With a new baby in the storyline mix, there is ample fodder to feed Sam's endless quest for acceptance by his in-laws. Those in-laws may wish Sam were a clone of their other son-in-law who can do no wrong, but fans of the show couldn't be happier that Sam is a lovable bungler. His try-too-hard attitude warms the heart while his can't-get-it-right execution leaves the world laughing.

          Worst Week brightens the day for anyone having a worst week of his or her own, and fans hope that CBS will do the right thing and renew this fresh and entertaining show.

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Kyle Bornheimer Stars in Worst Week

CBS failed to renew this exceptional show, but the show is now available on DVD. If you missed it when it aired, enjoy the laugh-till-your-sides-split comedy on DVD.

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