Online Word Games Aid Writers and Speakers
Word Games Aid Writers and Motivational Speakers

How to Turn Online Games Into Improved Vocabulary and Better Writing
          Entertaining and challenging online word games can give writers and speakers a competitive edge. Knowing how to make the most of the experience is key. 

          While education and practiced communication skills create the foundation for excellent creative writing or public speaking, less traditional resources, like free online word games, can also provide a lasting benefit.

Creative Writing and Public Speaking

          Great writers and captivating speakers avoid redundant expression. Echoing tired adjectives, overusing the same verbs and repeating identical nouns are all considered taboo habits by the most effective speakers and writers. There is nothing motivational about bland and repetitive written or spoken words, but breaking free of such creative shackles can be difficult with a limited vocabulary. Online word games can help.

          The web is flush with word teasers, puzzles and timed challenges, but not all are created equal. Some are fun but not structured in a way that provides word-building skills. Yet others offer a choice of skill levels that are not only entertaining and challenging, but provide the player with the opportunity to expand his or her vocabulary and increase writing and speaking confidence.

Prose Writers and Public Speakers Need Words

          While it is possible to be too verbose when writing or giving a speech, it 
is not possible to be too knowledgeable. Eloquence comes from the possession 
of a vast resource of words and an understanding of the meanings and the 
usage of those words. While word games are unlikely to provide a definition for 
an unknown word, simple exposure can be a catalyst to learning it.

          Keeping a notebook and a pen or pencil handy when playing the game is 
what works. Jotting down unfamiliar words at the game’s conclusion will insure 
remembrance, and a dictionary will provide definitions for future reference. New 
words can be researched and later added to a master list. With familiarity, the 
vocabulary will continue to grow until utilization of the fresh words becomes 
comfortable. In the meantime, there’s plenty of enjoyment in playing the game, 
and as a bonus, the more words learned, the higher the game scores.

The Best Online Games for Learning Words and Having Fun

 is one online resource with excellent word training games. The best games are those that wrap the learning experience in a fast-paced entertainment, and one game that has it all is Word Whomp Whackdown.

                                                                                                  Word Whomp Whackdown is an expanded version of its less 
                                                                                  difficult cousin, Word Whomp. In Whackdown, letters are jumbled in a small 
                                                                                  to large formation depending upon the chosen skill level, and the object 
                                                                                  is to find all of the available three-to-six-letter words. If the player finds 
                                                                                  enough words to reach the bonus speed round, a new set of individual words 
                                                                                  is presented for unscrambling. The important attribute of Whackdown is that 
                                                                                  at game’s end it displays the words that haven’t been found, or in the case 
                                                                                  of the bonus round, it displays the final word the player failed to unscramble.

                                                                                                 Other word games like Tumblebees and Qwerty are fun to play 
                                                                                  and also feature scrambled letters with which to create words. But they 
                                                                                  don’t reveal missed words, and it is the revelation of those unsuccessful 
                                                                                  words that is the key to learning. If played at the "Hard" level, 
                                                                                  Whackdown’s library of words is extensive. Even the best writers and 
                                                                                  speakers are bound to get stumped from time to time when playing the 
                                                                                  game, but even in failure, new words are absorbed.

          Word Craft is another, slightly more difficult, word game. 
Its structure and timing differs from Word Whomp Whackdown, but both 
games display words the player failed to complete. Each game is timed, 
but in Word Whomp Whackdown, the faster the words are found, the 
more time will be earned on the clock. Word Craft’s timing is static, which 
can result in games that take a long time to finish. But both 
Word Whomp Whackdown and Word Craft provide a fun, 
beat-the-clock challenge as they teach.

Online Word Games Have Real Benefits

          It’s easy to simply memorize unfamiliar words in order to better word game scores, but doing so serves little purpose to writers and speakers. Without learning the definition and common usage of a new word, its inclusion in the memory is nothing more than strategic game play. Remembering and investigating the word is what provides true benefits.

          All writers and motivational speakers seek to hone their skills and garner respect for their work, and utilizing online words games to relax and learn is a viable way to broaden writing and speaking capabilities. That there is a great deal of fun to be had in the process is a welcome bonus everyone can appreciate.

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A Notebook, a Dictionary and a Great Online Word Game Improves Writing and Public Speaking
Fun to Play, Word Whomp Whackdown Leaves a Lasting Impression on the Vocabulary

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