Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

How to Make Him Feel Like the King of the World
Think Outside the Box for Valentine's Gifts for Men 
          Valentine's gifts for men can be challenging. Here are three unusual and winning ways to impress your guy.

          Men aren't easily satisfied with flowers and candy, yet you love him and want to tell him so with a token of your heart. Try giving him something extraordinary that hell always remember.

My Favorite Things

          In this busy world people sometimes forget to say the things that should be said, those sentiments that make a person feel good about themselves. "I Love You" is wonderful to hear, but how often does someone get to hear the "why" of that love? For Valentine's Day, tell him all the reasons you love him by making him a "My Favorite Things" list.

          Every time you think of something you love about him, jot it down. 
His hands are strong. His voice gives you chills. He wears his watch just 
so on his wrist. He laughs like a kid at cartoons. He handles a car like a 
professional driver. It can be anything and everything. Fill a small notebook 
with your thoughts, or use a roll of adding machine paper, writing 
carefully so that the paper can be re-rolled it when you are done 
recording all of your favorite things.

          Take several days or weeks to make your list and make it long. 
Include sketches and doodles between the items. It doesn't matter if you 
have artistic talent. That's not what's important. The effort and the list is 
what matters. Tuck the notebook, or the roll of paper tied with a twine bow,  
into a basket of his favorite drinks and snacks. He can eat, drink 
and read at his leisure.

          Telling him how much you love him with a list of his greatest qualities 
will touch him and make him proud.

Make Him a Star
          What does he enjoy doing? Is he into cars? Weekly poker night with the guys? Snowboarding? Playing the stock market? Whatever his passion, give him a gift that fits his dreams by choosing something unique and personalized. How about poker chips with his picture on them? His own beer bottle labels? Search online for great personalized ideas. Places like offer lots of ideas and possibilities. Then give him his gift at a favorite spot, with a bottle of his favorite wine or a six-pack of his favorite beer. Make the giving as personal as the gift.

   And if you really want to make him a star, check out for a fun tribute 
  gift that will keep on giving. Have his photo put on the cover of the magazine that fits him to 
  a tee. Does he dream of being a rock star? A superhero? Whatever his dream, hell get a kick 
  out of tossing his cover atop a stack of magazines on his coffee table for his friends to discover. 
  Or have the cover framed so that he will be reminded every day that he sees it of the 
  playful, loving side of you.

​   Personalized gifts let the man in your life enjoy your gift again and again. So go 
  ahead and let him know that he is already a star in your world.

Give Him a Posse

          What man wouldn't want his own crew? Enlist your friends to help 
you pamper your guy for a day. Go where he goes and do whatever 
needs to be done. From opening his doors to washing his car, don't let 
him lift a finger for one whole day. Take him to lunch and let the world see 
his entourage and wonder "who is that?" Mow his grass. Massage his 
shoulders. Take him to the driving range. Whatever his pleasure, give 
him a day he'll never forget.

          And remember to bring the camera along to record this 
momentous occasion. Then, when all is said and done, give him a 
photo album, complete with your remembrances of the day. He'll 
want to boast to his friends about your incredible gift, and a photo 
album will be all the proof he needs.

          Saying "I Love You" with selfless actions will stick in his heart like nothing else.

For Valentine's Day Make Him a "My Favorite Things" List
Just One 
Magazine Cover Option 
Pamper Him on Valentine's Day

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