Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

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Sentimental Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
         Valentine's Day strikes fear in the hearts of many men. Never fear. Here are three unusual and special ways to make her day.

          Flowers, candy and jewelry are the most common Valentine's Day gifts for that special woman in your life. But they've been done so often that the sparkle may be fading from such tried and true tokens of your affection. Its time to do something she will never forget.

Poetry Touches the Soul

          If you are quick of wit and words trip easily from your tongue, write her a poem of your very own. But if you are normal and find it challenging to rhyme the words beer and cheer, try this.
          Find an antique poem that suits your sentiments by visiting a library or bookstore, 
searching online at places like, or scouring vintage and antique shops. Once 
you've found the perfect poem, have it hand copied by a calligrapher onto parchment paper. 
Remember to give the poem's author his or her due credit. You don't want to pass the words off as your 
own and have your sweetheart learn the truth later. Taking credit for writing the poem is not the important part. 
The time you took to find the poem and make it special just for her is what she will cherish.

          Take the finished poem and some silk or dried sprigs of her favorite flowers to a professional 
framer and have the poem and the flowers artistically matted and framed. If you choose a silver frame, 
there will also be the option of having the frame engraved. But any quality frame that suits her 
style will be memorable.

          For thousands of years, love poems have stood the test of time. Find the perfect poem, and feel her heart swell with joy.

The Great Jewelry Hunt

    If you are determined to give her jewelry, which she will no doubt take delight in receiving, then why not make the act of giving
 it extraordinary? If your woman is fun-loving and free spirited, forget the simple jewelry box. Try this instead.

​   Write a special note to her and attach it to the piece of jewelry 
  with a ribbon. Place the jewelry and ribbon in a metal jewelry box then pick 
   a secluded spot in the yard or garden or other favorite spot and bury it. If 
   you don't already have a metal detector, borrow or buy one. Tell her you want 
   to show her something then lead her close to the buried treasure. Fire up 
   the detector and let her try it out. When she hears the beeps that signal's something down 
below, be a gentleman and do the digging, but let 
   her have the delight of being the first to spy the jewelry you've uncovered.

  For even more fun, bury a couple of other pieces of metal, like 
   a bottle opener or a set of keys, and let her find them first. Just be sure 
   you don't forget where you buried the goods!

  Unearthing buried treasure is so much more exciting than simply opening a box. The jewelry is the same, but all the trouble you went to will be the part she will hold close to her heart.

Bare Your Soul

          Women love to talk. They love for their men to talk. Give her the gift of yourself.

          Get a small recorder that you can carry with you, and talk to her. Mention the day, 
the time and where you are with each message you record. It doesn't matter what you say, 
just talk about what you are thinking, or looking at, or doing at the time. Tell her you love 
her and that you wish she were with you. Feel free to get as intimate as you know she 
would like. Just make the tape lengthy. Record it over several days or even weeks.

          Once the recording is done, take a favorite photo of yourself, or the two of you, and 
have it printed onto a blank CD. Some copiers have this ability, but there are also places 
online, like that will make the CD for you. It's as easy as uploading 
your photo, choosing the placement, and having the CDs mailed to you. Then upload your 
messages from your recorder to your computer and transfer everything to the printed CD. 
And viola! Whenever she wishes to hear your voice, you will be there.
          If you don't have the CD capability, just tie a red bow onto the recorder with the messages still inside. Nestle the recorder in a bowl of rose or tulip petals and light candles on either side of the bowl. The romantic setting will warm any heart.

          There is never a better gift than the gift of yourself, and she will be amazed and excited that you took the time to create such a personal work of art.

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