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Thieves Like Us by Starr Ambrose is the Rousing Sequel to Her Debut Hit, Lie to Me

          November 30, 2010 marked the anticipated release of romance writer, Starr Ambrose's, sequel to "Lie To Me".  "Thieves Like Us" hits bookstores today. 

          When romance readers fall in love with a writer, they fall in love with that writer's characters, and sequels sprinkled with recognizable names and imaginary, yet familiar, faces gives the reader a feeling of going home. For any good book, that's a great place to be.

Thieves Like Us Hits the Ground Running

          Thieves Like Us is a fun, romantic romp against a sinister backdrop of jewel heists, underworld characters, and danger lurking in unlikely places. Rocky and Janet were introduced as secondary characters in Lie To Me, but in Thieves Like Us, the show is all theirs.

          Ambrose's deft skill with a phrase keeps readers rocking between under-the-breath chuckles and edge-of-the-seat anticipation. From the books opening salvo: "Dumping the worlds worst husband called for more than a celebration. It required a symbolic act. Like hocking her engagement ring", the reader is treated to an imaginative literary escape.

          What's not to appreciate when words are wed in such a clever way that the direction of the conversation can't be anticipated? When Rocky tries to put his foot down about exposing Janet to a dark and dangerous situation, her unexpected response provides humorous relief that does its job without derailing the underlying momentum of the story: "Rocky shook his head. "No way. I'm not taking you to some scuzzy pawnshop to meet some guy who may or may not be able to help us." 
"Why? You think scuzzy is contagious?"

         Thieves Like Us is a contemporary romance novel with plenty of loving, sometimes steamy, encounters, but at its core, its a mystery that plants the reader firmly into Rocky and Janet's shoes so that the wild, adventurous ride feels personal.

Starr Ambrose on Thieves Like Us

          When interviewed for this article, author Starr Ambrose shared how it felt to produce her first sequel. She said,

          "I can say that writing this sequel was fast and easy. The characters were already so real to me from Lie To Me that their story just flowed onto the pages. And I'm half in love with Rocky myself, which always helps! I also have a special fondness for my Russian mafia boss, Vasili. The challenge for me is in developing a threatening character who is still believable when we find his soft spot - in Vasili's case, he's secretly a big marshmallow when it comes to romance. Rocky never knew it in all the years he worked for the Russian, and he's floored when Janet discovers it in about two minutes!"

          Ms. Ambrose's second book, Our Little Secret, was sandwiched 
between Lie To Me and Thieves Like Us, and now she is busy working 
on her next series, a trilogy set in a small town in the Colorado Rockies 
where the rich go to play and be seen. Its probably a safe bet that the 
new series will be blessed with the same smartly drawn characters and 
riveting dialogue found between the covers of Thieves Like Us.

          To get to know the author, readers can visit her website at, 
or for a more intimate encounter, her Dirt Road Diaries blog, where she talks 
about everything from the writing process to the unique enjoyments of 
a rural existence.
          Thieves Like Us is a pleasure, and Starr Ambrose is fast becoming 
a shining star in the world of romance.

Thieves Like Us
Author: Starr Ambrose
Pocket Books, November 2010
368 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-439181-29-4

*photos provided with permission by Simon & Schuster and Starr Ambrose

Author Starr Ambrose
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