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The Good Dog Resume Aids Home Rental and Travel

Make Landlords and Hotel Operators Love Your Dogs as Much as You Do
          Dog owners can ease the challenge of traveling or renting a home by utilizing an easily prepared Good Dog Resume. Here's how to build a resume that works.

          Dogs are special creatures to millions of humans, but there are two groups of people who eye them with extreme caution – landlords and hotel operators. Allowing dogs on the premises sparks concern about potential damages, even if the landlord or hotel manager has a soft spot for dogs. Easing that worry by offering a thoughtfully prepared dog resume can help pave the way for acceptance.

Pet Identity

          Identifying the pet, or pets, in detail at the top of the resume gives 
the reader a quick snapshot of the most important information.

          •Name – The pet’s name and nickname should always be listed first. 
Detailing quirks and endearing behavior that prompted the nickname is helpful 
as such information speaks to the dog’s personality. eg: "His name is Fido but 
we call him Tutti Fruiti because he loves bananas and grabs apples right off the tree." 

          •Breed – Honesty and specifics about the dog’s breed are a must. If he 
is a mixed breed, it is best to try and relate what breed may have had the 
greatest influence in his genetic make up.

          •Age – The age of the dog is important to the powers-that-be because 
naturally curious puppies may require more attention than older dogs.

          •Gender & Reproductive Status – Un-neutered dogs have been known 
to show more aggressive tendencies. Most landlords and hotel managers will 
shy away from an unaltered dog, male or female. Mentioning that the dog is neutered is a plus.

Dog Habits and Behaviors

          A positive paragraph about your dog’s lifestyle gives prospective landlords or hotel operators insight into what can be expected if the dog stays on their property. Examples:

          •"Fido loves to curl up and sleep in front of the door, and he only barks when alarmed. It makes him a great watchdog."

          •"Fido knows a lot of tricks. He’s very smart, and everybody loves him. He can really be a clown, but if you’re not in the mood, you just tell him 'no' and he lays down until you’re ready to be his audience." 

          •"Fido is very well housetrained. He always waits until he is outside to relieve himself and he never chews the furniture. Of course, his own toys are fair game, so finding a squished squeak toy buried beneath a pillow is a possibility."

The Dog/Human Relationship

          Summarizing the personal relationship with the dog, or dogs, is especially beneficial. Showing how much love and passion goes into the dogs’ care and how much their existence matters in daily life tells landlords and hotel operators that the one and only objective for everyone involved is to peacefully co-exist. Embellishment is not necessary. Not every dog saves lives or sniffs out contraband. The truth about ordinary dogs with ordinary lives influencing the ordinary people who love them is what matters.


          •"Fido means the world to my family. We all love him, but no one more so than my seven-year-old son who thinks Fido is a superhero." 

          •"All of my dogs are fed an organic diet that I make myself. The diet keeps fleas and parasites at bay and protects against disease. Our dogs’ health and happiness is very important to our family." 

          •"Fido inspires smiles, and in a stressful world, he is the best therapy we could ever hope to have. We would never choose to live without him."


          Including references that speak well of Fido is a bonus. Particularly effective references would be those that come from the vet, the pet sitter, a previous landlord, a neighbor or a hotel employee from a previously visited hotel . Most people who have had positive interaction with a dog would readily provide a short reference if asked to do so.

Good Dog Photographs

          A picture is truly worth a thousand words and providing a 
collection of photos of the dog behaving well is the perfect way to 
finish your dog’s resume. Pictures of him in the home, in hotels, 
riding in the car, interacting with people or playing with his toys are 
very real depictions of what a landlord or hotel operator can expect 
when Fido comes to stay.

          Although a pet deposit will still be likely when renting a home, 
and a pet fee will surely be added to the hotel bill when traveling, 
either will be a worthwhile investment if the landlord or hotel operator 
allows man’s best friend to stay. The Good Dog Resume can help 
make that happen.

Make Your Good Dog Resume Easy to Understand
Include a Photo Gallery on the Back of the Good Dog Resume

Sharing a Dog's Personality Can Help Him Win 
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