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The Touch of Roy and Dale, 
The Impact and Influence of Roy Rogers, The King of the Cowboys, and Dale Evans, The Queen of the West, 
As Only Their Fans Could Tell It
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The Touch of Roy and Dale
...very much recommended!

 MidWest Book Review
...Roy and Dale left behind a great legacy, including their non-profit charity, The Happy Trails Foundation, that can be enjoyed in this wonderful book.
Alan Caruba,

...this intimate look at Roy and Dale through their fan eyes, including notables like Billy Graham, the Rogers children, Dick Jones, Dean Smith, Maxine Hansen of Autry Entertainment, and Donna Martell, delineates the impact and influence Roy and Dale have made on society and us as western fans.
​ Boyd Magers, Western Clippings Magazine

...what a tribute to the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West! There have been many fan-driven books written but none as comprehensive as this one!

Doc Stovall, Entertainment Manager,
   The Booth Western Art Museum

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...if you enjoy the magic of the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West, even half as much as I do, you will love The Touch of Roy and Dale.

Greg Bell, Old Time Radio Expert 
and National Host of When Radio Was
and SiriusXMRadio Classics, Channel 

...Tricia Spencer presents essays, Elton John and Bernie Taupin's song "Roy Rogers," and the best of the fans' letters... 

A portrait emerges of two very caring, down-to-earth superstars and, beyond that, the immediate post-World War II era of TV Westerns that appeared to have no doubts whatsoever about distinguishing good from bad.

...Roy and Dale have gone to heaven where one fan plans to hug them "so tight that we lift you right off the streets of gold."

..."The Touch of Roy and Dale" effectively demonstrates a positive impact that survives - at least until the Baby Boomers disappear

   Donna McCrohan Rosenthal,
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The staggering amount of fan mail Roy Rogers and Dale Evans received is part of Hollywood history.  Those cards and letters weren't simply requests for autographed photos.  They contained the experience and feelings of the writers, who were often influenced by Roy & Dale.  The fans knew Roy's and Dale's personal stories and felt close enough to them that they wanted to tell them theirs.

Writer, Tricia Spencer, spent years reading stacks of correspondence...and extracting fans' stories for publication of this new book.  In the process she discovered previously unpublished photographs, art, stories and even songs!  Cheryl Rogers-Barnett wrote the Foreword, and Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr. wrote a note for the book's cover in tribute to the fans who supported Roy & Dale throughout their career.  In addition to the fan letters, the book contains notes and essays from other family members and friends, some famous (co-stars and stuntmen), some not, but all interesting to read!

​    O.J. Sikes
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