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Kyle Akers of Antennas Up Talks About Life as a Rockstar Nerd

Proving it Pays to be True 
To Who You Are
          Lead singer and bassist, Kyle Akers, of the up-and-coming pop music band, Antennas Up, shares insights about the band and its full-on embrace of nerdiness. 

Computer Geek or Rockstar Nerd?

          The term nerd was first used in the early 1950s, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a nerd as: an unstylish, unattractive or socially inept person; especially: one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits. 

          But the nerds of today bear little resemblance to that early description, and being called a nerd can be quite the badge of honor. As discovered on a website devoted to famous nerds, nerds share great company, like Apple Computers creator, Steve Jobs, and computer-programmer-turned-musician, Elvis Costello.

          When asked by why the band didn't mind being referred to as nerds, Akers responded, "I think the old stereotype of nerd or geek is changing with every passing day. People have moved passed thinking nerds are anti-social, unable to talk to women or even able to order a sandwich without feeling ridiculed and out of place. It's more of an intellectual way of performing and conducting oneself. I think any stereotype of the high-water pants and the pocket protector has pretty much gone the way of the dodo bird. So if we are branded as a bunch of nerds, I don't think that will hurt us in any way. Besides, that's exactly what we are. We are techno-savvy people who happen to think knowledge is a good thing, and we are people who love life's adventures."

Life as a Pop Musician Nerd

          In honor of nerds everywhere, Akers was asked to reach deep and talk about his personal nerdiness.

          TS: What's your biggest nerdy vice?

          KA: Mine would be video games. We're all nerds in different ways, but video games are where I find myself actually losing four hours without realizing it. I actually just beat HEAVY RAIN. It's one of the better games I've ever played.

​          TS:  Do you have any celebrity crushes?

          KA:  There's a girl that has a web series called, The Guild, and she did a three-part series online called Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog.  She played the female protagonist in that, and she was just outstanding. And shes a nerd, kind of like me, so its all there. If she happens to read this, I would love to meet her someday.

          TS: Is that a cartoon tie in your photo?

          KA: (Laughing) No, that's a real tie. There's a company called Think Geek that sells that tie. It's called an 8-Bit Tie. I have a group of friends, and we do what we call nerd night. We did a nerd gift exchange for Christmas, and one of them gave me that tie.      

          TS: Do the nerds of Antennas Up have plans for global domination?

          KA: Well, we're now working with NASA. Just kidding. We've got this trio of spaceship songs on our record, so we get asked about a connection to NASA, tongue in cheek, all the time. But as for global domination, were still trying to decide if we want to take over the world in an evil way or a good way. It's that whole Orwellian or Machiavellian thing, you know, which one do you pick?
But, honestly, we are about to lock ourselves in a house somewhere and write a new record, hopefully releasing it next year. We may start leaking tracks later this year. We really want to do a tour of Europe. That's one of our big goals, and we think our music would go over really well there. Here we're simply trying to take over a region at a time. Right now it's the Midwest, then we'll go to the East coast then the West. Then it's on to Europe, and once you've taken over Europe and America, you can pretty much take on Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia from there. Yes, a musical global domination sounds perfect.

Pop Band Antennas Up Nerd Invasion

          The members of Antennas Up wear their unique style of nerdiness on their sleeves, and if their infectious musical stylings are influenced by that nerdiness, then it may not be a bad idea for all new performers to take a walk on the nerd side before they ever step onto a stage or into a studio. Nerdiness can apparently turn music into magic.

photos used with permission from Antennas Up

The Talented "Nerds" of Antennas Up
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