Google as Entertainment?  Yes!
Googling for Fun

How to Use Google for Pure Entertainment
          Google™ is more than just a mighty computer search engine and a juggernaut of information. It's a source of free fun.

          There’s little that can’t be accomplished online – shopping, bill paying, research, communication, movies, TV, music, video games and instant exposure to current events. Google adds inspired entertainment to that list.

Google It!

          Not everyone has the wealth of Bill Gates, the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones, or the brainpower of Albert Einstein. But the ability to vicariously live their lifestyles is a gift from Google.

          Via Google, anyone with a keyboard can go anywhere in the world, anytime of the day or night. It’s easy to peek inside Five-Star restaurants and penthouse hotel suites, learn the language of another country or virtual shop for that fire engine red Ferrari on everyone’s wish list. Tagging along on a Mediterranean deep-sea dive or hitching a ride on an African photo safari are easy options. Whether striking up a conversation with someone on the other side of the world or checking out the little-known skinny on the latest American Idol contestants, the pearls of life are fingertip available
          It’s not hard to spend hours just wandering about Google's backyard, for Google’s backyard is the universe.

The Dictionary Challenge

          Google can be amazing. Any word extracted from a dictionary can be inserted into Google’s search box to see what pops up. Combine that word with another to take the search in a different direction. Word combinations are infinite, and simple random words can spawn adventures full of surprises.

          An ever-growing stockpile of knowledge and a bottomless well of virtual adventures liven and color conversations and make anyone well-versed.

Google Lady Gaga and Everyone Else

          Anyone with a name can be Googled. Lady Gaga gets Googled more often than most other woman on earth, but a name doesn’t have to be famous to find a home on Google. What is Sally from the thrid grade doing now? Where are all those guys on the college rowing team? It's fun and fulfilling to try and discover what everyone is doing, and Google is an effective way to reconnect.

          For hard to find names, implementing different combinations of the name may aid in the search. The key to success of any Google search is the same as the key to life—if at first you don’t succeed – try, try again. Altered spellings and different phrases will broaden the search.

Think Outside the Box

          Parties can be spiced up in unexpected ways, for Google is a great game maker.

          •A clever entrance fee for a party is a printed copy of the most unusual animal, or the goofiest hairstyle, or the scariest thing found on Google. Party guests judge the best find and the winner pockets a humorous prize. This simple icebreaker can prove hilarious, especially if someone thinks way outside the box. And someone surely will. 

          •A treasure hunt with friends is an interesting challenge. There are plenty of well-hidden goodies on Google just waiting to be dug up. 

          •Replacing a book club with a Google-Finds group, where each member arrives at the get-together armed with a gem of information they’ve found on Google, is not only enjoyable.  It's enlightening!

          •A potluck inspired by unusual recipes, plucked from the vast resource that is Google, involves everyone in the fun of a dinner party. 

          •Declaring friends and family to be members of "CSI Google" can spark inventive thinking. Googling for specific data on an event or a person begins the process. Then firing the forensic juices and analyzing the evidence will challenge everyone to try and solve a decades-old mystery hanging around in the cold case files.

Google Fun is Everywhere

          According to the Nielsen Top Ten List of website destinations, Google continues its reign as the number one most accessed web entity. The reasons for such success are plenty.

          Finding entertainment on Google requires only imagination and a thirst for something new, and there are many treats just waiting to be unearthed. For anyone of any age, Googling for fun can open the world and bring a smile and a laugh to yet another otherwise-ordinary day.

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