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Golden Corral Reinvents 
the Fast Food Concept
Take-Out Can Be a Meal to Remember
Golden Corral Restaurants Step Up the Take-Out Experience
A Few Golden Corral Take-Out Salad Bar Selections

          Americans spend billions each year on what is traditionally known as fast food.  

          That's a whole lot of burgers, pizza, and other quick fare chosen for its convenience and price. But Golden Corral Buffet Restaurants, like the one in Hesperia, California, now offer alternative, cost-effective take-out options.

Fast Food Dollars Can Buy Burgers or Substantial Meals

          These days, burgers and fries for four people can easily 
cost $20 or more, depending upon the fast-food facility. Bargain 
burgers can be found, but while those small offerings may be 
suitable for a quick bite, they don't necessarily offer a solid, 
more nutritionally-balanced meal.

          For $4.49 per pound (the price as of this writing in June of 2012) 
every single dish at Golden Corral is available for take-out. That means 
one could easily feed a hot, pot roast dinner with multiple sides to a 
family of four for about the same price as fast-food burgers and fries. 
Of course, the heavier the food, the less it will take to reach a pound. 
But even when allowing a half-pound meat serving each for 
four people, pot roast, fried or baked chicken, ribs, steak, 
or fish, or other proteins, would likely cost no more than $10. 
Depending upon the selections, another $10 could provide 
side choices and even Golden Corral's famous, made-on-the-premises 
dinner rolls or dessert.

Variety is the Spice of Life…and the Joy of Eating

                                                                                                            With Golden Corral's extensive salad and dessert bars, 
                                                                                              multiple soup choices, their all-American fare, plus their cultural 
                                                                                              food offerings, take-out meal combinations are vast. 
                                                                                                           If scoring a full meal is not the objective, purchase only the main 
                                                                                              course, and prepare a salad and sides at home. It may be difficult to 
                                                                                              find tastefully prepared barbeque ribs, or grill-fired steak, elsewhere 
                                                                                              at $4.49 a pound. Even grocery stores routinely exceed that price, 
                                                                                              and you still have to prepare the food yourself. The take-out option 
                                                                                              at Golden Corral is also a welcome alternative for single serving 
                                                                                              breakfasts, lunches or dinners. For the same $4.49 per pound, 
                                                                                              a take-out container can be filled with one individual meal, or with
                                                                                              bulk choices for serving multiple people. Mix and match at will.

Choose Your Golden Corral Wisely

          For the best meal, choose the Golden Corral in your area that consistently delivers delicious, home-cooked taste. Not having to cook a delicious dinner is a time-saving bonus, and for those who can't properly boil water, and have no one to do it for them, Golden Corral's very reasonably priced take-out feature is especially welcome.
Made From Scratch 
Pot Roast 
and Hand Battered 
Fried Chicken are Everyday Fare at 
Golden Corral
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