Cranberry Salmon and Pine Nut Spinach Recipe

Healthy Organic Recipe - Simple Salmon Recipe with Apple Salad Side

Cranberry Salmon and Pine Nut Spinach
          Dining should be a pleasure, and this healthy, easy meal proves that eating well doesn't have to involve a great deal of preparation or cooking time.

          Wild salmon is a great anytime meal. Underscore that salmon with a bed of sauteed pine-nut spinach, add an apple salad side, and a delectable lunch or dinner is ready to serve and enjoy.

Salmon Filet Recipe Ingredients

          - 2 fresh or thawed wild salmon filets
          - 4 t organic extra virgin olive oil
          - 10 to 12 oz fresh organic baby spinach leaves
          - ¼ C organic pine nuts
          - 1/3 C organic dried cranberries
          - 1 T organic rice vinegar
          - ½ t Celtic sea salt

Apple Salad Recipe Ingredients

          - 1 lg organic apple, cored
          - 1 stalk organic celery
          - 2 T organic butter toffee peanuts
          - 1/3 C organic canola oil mayonnaise
          - 2 lg romaine leaves for garnish

Salmon Recipe and Apple Salad Recipe Preparation

          1. rinse salmon filets and pat dry with paper towel
          2. rinse spinach, apple and celery and dry on paper towel or in colander
          3. set 2 10” skillets (preferably stainless steel) on stove burners
          4. set both burners to medium low heat
          5. add 2 t olive oil to each pan
          6. in pan 1, add the spinach and pine nuts and cover with lid, stirring occasionally
          7. in pan 2, add the salmon filets
          8. while the salmon and spinach are cooking (about 4 to 5 minutes,) core and chop the apple
          9. chop the celery and add to the apple
        10. mix the mayonnaise into the apple/celery mixture
        11. settle finished apple salad onto romaine leaves on a plate
        12. sprinkle toffee peanuts over apple salad
        13. turn salmon and add cranberries to salmon pan and cook another 2 to 3 minutes
        14. cook spinach to desired softness and turn off heat
        15. spread pine nut spinach on a plate and sprinkle with rice vinegar
        16. sprinkle sea salt over spinach as desired
        17. arrange cooked salmon over the spinach
        18. sprinkle cooked cranberries over salmon and spinach
        19. serve salmon and spinach and apple salad together
        20. serves 2

Recipe Substitutions

          For a different take on this easy recipe, flavorful substitutions can tempt the palate in different ways.

          - Add mushrooms to the spinach and accent with a mandarin orange and strawberry salad.
          - Replace the spinach and pine nuts with mustard greens or kale and add garlic, onions and bits of organic, uncured bacon.
          - Change from the mild flavor of pink or keta salmon to the rich, deep flavor of king or coho salmon.
          - Instead of butter toffee peanuts, try honeyed almonds, candied walnuts, or raw nuts of any kind.

          This basic recipe lends itself to experimentation and exploration into unusual flavor groups.

Healthy Eating Notes

          Wild salmon is always preferable to farmed salmon. Farmed salmon are often fed a diet inappropriate for the species and can contain unacceptable amounts of PCBs and other dangerous additives and toxins. Not all salmon farms are created equal. If using farmed salmon, it’s wise to know where the salmon comes from and what the farm’s practices are.

          Fresh fruits and vegetables, even organic ones, may be washed and dried before consumption.

          This quick and simple salmon recipe can be created with non-organic ingredients and still provide more healthful benefits than many other meal choices.

          Eating well means eating happy.
Use Fresh, Organic Ingredients to Make Any Recipe Perform at Its Best 
An Apple Salad Side Goes Great With Salmon
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