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Tricia Spencer

Hummingbirds in the Spring

by Tricia Spencer on 02/18/12

It occurs to me as I fill the hummingbird feeder that doing so is a blessing.  Sure, these little guys are hungry.  Spring is the time for babies, and they need all the sustenance they can get.  But their heightened activity is an absolute joy to share.  Sometimes after I've hung the feeder, I stand beneath it as they hustle in to feed.  It only takes a few moments for them to become comfortable with my silent stance under their sugar water buffet, and I'm so close I can see their bellies and their tiny feet and hear the whirring of their lightening quick wings.  I find it uplifting.  I may be the one providing food, but it is the very existence of these little joys of life that feeds my spirit. 

Hummingbirds in the spring inspire a ready smile.  It's a gift.

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